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Wedding Stationer

We do most things online here at Mrs Nerd’s Wonder Emporium but if you’re close enough to us then feel free to get in touch to set an appointment then pop round for a cuppa so we can talk about your Wedding Stationery (or anything else) in more detail.

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Our Opening Hours:

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Got Some Questions?

We don’t want anyone visiting us to feel overwhelmed by anything and we know first hand just how overwhelming and confusing things can initially be (we got married as well). Below are some things to try and help you out- videos on Print Types and Paper Types along with  a big blog section (we’re currently working on it) with tips & tricks to help you but if you’re stuck and can’t find an answer to what you need please just get straight in touch, we always want to hear your stories and make new friends.

Wedding Stationer Durham

Print Types

We know all the different print types are confusing so we’ve made this page and video to show the differences. Click below to find out more on Paper Sizes and Fold Types all made as interesting as possible.

Paper Types

If print types weren’t confusing enough, you then have paper types. Hopefully this page and video will help you to understand how much the paper affects the design. All done with a little more help from N3-R6.

Wedding Stationer Durham

Help & Advice

Starting to plan and feeling overwhelmed? Here’s a collection of things we learned first hand and also other things people have shared with us. The idea is it to help you out with inspiration, time savers all with some fun.

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Contact Us

We try to cover everything but obviously, we can’t, so here’s the quick way to get straight in touch with us. Tap the image or the floating messenger button and we’ll get straight back to you to find out a little more.