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Event Stationery

Hosting an Event?

No matter what kind of an Event you’re planning we’ve got you covered. Birthdays, Charity Fundraisers, Anniversaries- you name it and we’ll give you any number of ideas to incorporate your plans and theme into your stationery.

Your Event needs to be amazing

If you;re having a big Birthday bash then get everyone excited by your theme. If it’s a Fundraiser then show off your commitment by creating a jaw dropping invite that on it’s own is worth the ticket price and if it’s an Anniversary then how better to show off years of love and dedication than invites that show off everything the couple has together.

Hee Hee Hee

The Wow Factor

Everything we do is a one off and unique to you and your day. That’s why you won’t see a catalogue of ‘off the shelf’ stationery anywhere.

Say it Loud

It’s your day, say it loud and proud with stationery unique to you and your Theme- we can incorporate everything you love about it.


Your stationery has to raise the roof just like the Day you have planned. Our job is to get everyone as excited as you are about your Day. 


We love themes no matter how big, small or quirky. The better the idea you have the more we have to work with and the more unique and amazing everything will be.

Poster’s and Flyers

If you’re holding some sort of a Charity Fundraiser you need to get everyone aware of what’s happening and get them chomping at the bit to attend.

get the excitement levels at maximum.

Not only can we design and print all of the posters and flyers but we can go a step further and bring some animation and video in to the mix to really get the excitement levels at maximum.

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Invites and Tickets

No different from a Wedding, your Birthday or Event invites or tickets have got to stand out from the crowd. Especially if it’s a fund raiser and individuals or Companies are purchasing tickets they really need to look the part.

We treat any Event as a marketing exercise

This might be your first large event and you certainly don’t want it to be your last because something as important as the tickets just didn’t match anything or simply looked cheap.

We treat any Event as a marketing exercise and use all tools we have at our disposal to make sure your Event is a success.

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Event Venue Dressings

It’s the day of the PARTAAAAY! The guests need to walk in get wowed by all of your hard work, they’ve got to look at your attention to detail and go WOW!

We can handle anything to match any theme at all, all we need to know is your idea and we then go get our creative caps on and start creating amazing things.

The difference between good and amazing is attention to detail

Some people think the details arejust trivial things but they really aren’t. The difference between good and amazing is attention to detail, it’s the small things, it’s the personal touch.

it’s the small things, it’s the personal touch

The fact with our table place names we can personalise each and every one to an individual, why just have their name on? Have their nickname, their relationship to you or something else very personal that’ll make them go wow. Or try or laser engraved wood for Table Names (they look superb) or even a full animated presentation to play through a projector to show off anything and everything!

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Got Some Questions?

We don’t want anyone visiting us to feel overwhelmed by anything and we know first hand just how overwhelming and confusing things can initially be (we got married as well). Below are some things to try and help you out- videos on Print Types and Paper Types along with  a big blog section (we’re currently working on it) with tips & tricks to help you but if you’re stuck and can’t find an answer to what you need please just get straight in touch, we always want to hear your stories and make new friends.

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Print Types

We know all the different print types are confusing so we’ve made this page and video to show the differences. Click below to find out more on Paper Sizes and Fold Types all made as interesting as possible.

Paper Types

If print types weren’t confusing enough, you then have paper types. Hopefully this page and video will help you to understand how much the paper affects the design. All done with a little more help from N3-R6.

Wedding Stationer Durham

Help & Advice

Starting to plan and feeling overwhelmed? Here’s a collection of things we learned first hand and also other things people have shared with us. The idea is it to help you out with inspiration, time savers all with some fun.

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How We Work

Because everything we do is bespoke and totally unique our sales process is a little different but it’s simple and it’s all explained here. Don’t worry, it focuses on us hearing YOUR story, YOUR ideas and YOUR loves.

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