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Some of Our Paper Types

Not only do we have a large range of types of print but we also carry a range of different cardstocks (paper) to make sure the design we create has it’s perfect paper match.

It’s unbelievably important to get the finish right because it can make or break the look and feel of your stationery. Some finishes are better for photographic imagery, others are better for very simple black only designs, others are all rounders and some will look great no matter the design.

It’s unbelievably important to get the finish right

We’ve tried to cover everything here for you, we’ve accentuated the finish in the images to give you a better idea of the texture and we’ll always suggest a paper type when we create your design- it’s all about getting the finished item to look and feel absolutely perfect.

We’re always game for fun so we leave ‘Easter eggs’ everywhere

If you look closely at the website backgrounds you might even notice we’ve used certain paper finishes in the backgrounds. We’re always game for fun so we leave ‘Easter eggs’ everywhere so you can some discount- you find the codes or fulfil the task and you save some money!

We Love Video!

Hopefully N3R6 can show off some of our Paper Types for you without the boring reading bit. Some of the finishes are extremely difficult to show off though and they're much more tactile than visual. Name the song and win some discount!

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The Wow Factor

Everything we do is a one off and unique to you and your day. That's why you won't see a catalogue of 'off the shelf' stationery anywhere.

Say it Loud

It's your day, say it loud and proud with stationery unique to you and your Theme- we can incorporate everything you love about it.


Your stationery has to raise the roof just like the Day you have planned. Our job is to get everyone as excited as you are about your Day. 


We love themes no matter how big, small or quirky. The better the idea you have the more we have to work with and the more unique and amazing everything will be.

What are you Looking For?

We do an awful lot here at the Wonder Emporium so to make life a little easier we've tried to make a simpler sales system for you by grouping certain things under what we'd usually use them for. Just tap on what you're trying to achieve, you should then see everything we do that's specific to you.

Need Some Help?

We don't want anyone visiting us to feel overwhelmed by anything and we know first hand just how overwhelming and confusing things can initially be (we got married as well). Below are some things to try and help you out but if you're stuck and can't find an answer to what you need please just get straight in touch, we always want to hear your stories.

Print Types

We know all the different print types are confusing so here's a video trying to show you visually the differences. Click below to find out more on Paper Sizes and Fold Types all made as interesting as possible.

Paper Types

If print types weren't confusing enough, you then have paper types. Hopefully this video will help you to understand how much the paper affects the design. All done with a little more help from N3-R6.

Tips & Tricks

Starting to plan and feeling overwhelmed? Here's a collection of things we learned first hand and also other things people have shared with us. The idea is it to help you out with inspiration and time savers.

How We Work

Because everything we do is bespoke and totally unique our sales process is a little different but it's simple and it's all explained here. Don't worry, it focuses on us hearing YOUR story

Get in Touch

We try to cover everything but obviously, we can't, so here's the quick way to get straight in touch with us. Tap the image or the floating messenger button and we'll be in touch straight away.