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Mrs Nerd's Video Gallery

You’ve probably noticed how much video we try to use on the website to make things easier, we don’t just use it on the website though, we make promo videos for ourselves for things like Social Media and also seasonal things like Hallowe’en and Christmas.

If you like a bit of fun then this is the page for you

If you like a bit of fun then this is the page for you, we’ll try and keep it updated with all of our video and promo’s to hopefully pop a smile on your face or maybe give you some form of inspiration for your Wedding or Event or even to help promote your own company.

your animated Save the Dates

All of these are done in house by Mr Nerd, he used to work in SFx for Film and TV and chills out by designing these (he finds it fun for some unknown reason). It’s those skills he puts to use making your animated Save the Dates and in the future (once we’ve settled in) will be offered as a business service producing promo animation and video for business.

You can control the quality of each video depending on your connection (1080p – 360p) so if it doesn’t play smoothly just change the quality so your connection can play it.

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Our Generic Intro

You'll see this on a lot of pages in the website and it's what we tend to use at the beginning of most video we do to make sure everything we do follows our brand. Hopefully you've realised it's simply fun and quirky.

Introduction to Mrs Nerd's

This is our main explainer video using our pet droid N3R6. It's our attempt to show off a little of what we do in a fun way, Wedding Stationery isn't too much fun usually so this is our way of setting the mood for everything as we move forwards.

Paper Types

Another explainer video, this one designed to show you the different card stocks and the differences they make. Again, our attempt to make something boring a little more fun.

Print Types Explainer

One more explainer video but this for the different types of print we do. Yet again, this is done to try and inject a little fun into something quite boring while showing you the different options you have.

Themed Table Confetti

A very short video to simply add some 'eye candy' to our themed table confetti. A still picture of confetti looks pretty boring so Mr Nerd made this to try and grab your attention. 

Happy Hallowe'en

Mrs Nerd's first Hallowe'een video and all to get some laughs. Mrs Nerd animated the logo with my voice and then (using motion capture) set me away dancing to our music with some skeletons lol.

Our Own Save the Date

This is our own Save the Date, it's longer than our usual ones which are optimised for Social Media because this one was used on our own website in the header and also as a normal video.

Our First Dance

As well as Save the Dates we also make large First Dance Presentations to play on a projector to compliment your first dance. This was ours and we've everything in there right through to audience participation.

C5 Legacy

Just something Mr Nerd did for some fun to go alongside the Sinclair C5's he's been restoring. This starts with the original advert and goes into how he imagined the C5's when he was a kid (a long, long time ago lol).

The Wow Factor

Everything we do is a one off and unique to you and your day. That's why you won't see a catalogue of 'off the shelf' stationery anywhere.

Say it Loud

It's your day, say it loud and proud with stationery unique to you and your Theme- we can incorporate everything you love about it.


Your stationery has to raise the roof just like the Day you have planned. Our job is to get everyone as excited as you are about your Day. 


We love themes no matter how big, small or quirky. The better the idea you have the more we have to work with and the more unique and amazing everything will be.