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Getting annoyed by amateurish companies trying to sell you Web Design? Yeah, we’re getting a little irritated by them as well.

One of the problems with today’s Web Design industry is that you get companies who have opted to try and design their own website (this is a good thing). Then as a result of cobbling their own website together they then believe they have the ability to sell this as a service to other businesses (this is very, very bad). Because of this, small businesses are getting hit hard by appalling design, performance, reliability and security. This has a massive impact on your business whether you like it or not. For that you’re then getting charged!

With any of the business services we offer, it’s all Mr Nerd behind them. He’s been in design for 20 years, among other degrees he also has a BA (joint Hons) in Multimedia Design and Digital Animation, he’s worked on projects from the very small right through to implementing mobile phone networks in the Middle East.

Web Design Durham

Having ran his own businesses for around 10 years offering Web Design and Search Engine Optimisation to small businesses not only in Durham and North East UK but globally and now he’s bringing all of his services under the Wonder Emporium brand.

We simply want to make small, local businesses near us in Shotley Bridge and Durham to be successful online. We want them to be have a web presence that won’t just attract new customers but will work for them and provide new ways of working and give them the quality of services they need.

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Web Design

Majorly Important

This is a bit of a funny term and doesn’t really explain itself correctly. What it means is that the website ‘responds’ to the visitor’s device and it responds by displaying things in a slightly different way. If you’re looking at this website using a laptop or desktop you’ll notice the layout is in columns yes? That works because your screen is nice and wide but what about on a mobile phone that’s thin but tall? What the website does is tell your device, if you’re under x pixels wide please don’t display the columns side by side, please display them on top of each other.

Mobile is Crucial

A very simple idea that also allows us to tell the device to hide certain parts of content that might not look so nice on some devices. Every site we do is responsive as standard but we go beyond the site just being responsive, we specially optimise a site so when viewed on a mobile things work perfectly and in some cases even provide additional features. Mobile visitors account for around 80% of all traffic now so it’s absolutely key that things look and work great on a mobile phone or tablet.

Web Design

as Standard

Like Vader, the Internet isn’t very forgiving 

Not a day goes by where there isn’t a news article on one website or another being hacked making it crazy to provide any customer with an insecure website (the amateurs do though). This is obviously a security risk but beyond that Google has now announced they’re now flagging any none SSL/TLS website as a security risk in search results. All sites we host use SSL/TLS to keep a visitors connection to the website secure and encrypted (you can see this by the padlock symbol in your browser address bar). This is only one type of security though, we go further than this.

Our servers have many precautions in place and use ‘best practice’ security measures which are constantly updated and adapted. We don’t stop there though, we then have an additional layer of security between your website and the visitor which is very, very capable of sniffing out almost any attack on your website.

Because we manage the servers ourselves, it means we monitor everything ourselves as well. Nothing in the World beats the Mk1 eyeball when it comes to security (apart from maybe a killer robot with AI but that’s a different conversation).

for Speed

Faster than the Millenium Falcon on the Kessel Run

Mr Nerd not only manages the servers himself but he also designed the delivery system on the servers. They’re designed to deliver content as fast as possible and, trust us, that’s something that’s very important to your website now. It’s important for 2 reasons, the first being the visitor. You will have done it yourself, you visit a website, it doesn’t ‘load’ in 5 seconds so you tap back and look for another. This is known as bounce and makes any website useless as a result. What’s the point in having a website if people won’t wait for it to load?

The 2nd reason is for search engines. They can run tests and metrics on your website to check the load times and very slow websites are heavily penalised, there’s a few reasons why they do this but mainly because they know a slow site is a low quality site and shouldn’t rank highly in search.

Not only are the servers optimised to deliver content extremely fast but we also fully optimise your actual website (after design of course) to be as fast as possible. Most companies will charge you upwards of £200 to optimise a site for speed (amateurs simply do not know how)- we do it for nothing because it’s best practice and it’s best for your business and potential customers.

Social & SEO

Our sites talk properly to Search Engines and Social Media

Search Engine Optimisation is what makes your site rank well in Search Engines, we don’t offer any ongoing SEO packages (it’s very time intensive) but what we do is to initially optimise your site as we design things and add content to give it a great local SEO base. Our sites are completely SEO friendly so when you’re comfortable doing more on your website everything is there all ready for you to use. We even make sure you’re registered on Google my Business as well and make sure your listing is done correctly, again, all helping you to get up the search ranks.

SEO is just one side of the equation though, Open Graph tags are how your website talks to most Social Media sites. It’s these tags that make a link look great when pasted into Facebook which then leads to more click throughs. If they’re missing then the Social Media site has to guess and things so your links then look atrocious leading to a far lower click through rate.

We build all of this into your site as standard, we want things to rank well, we want happy visitors and we want everything to look amazing no matter where it’s viewed from.

Sites that

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Like a Faithful droid, your website should Work for you

When it comes to a website most people simply think of them as a brochure on the internet but this couldn’t be further from reality. Your site sits on a server, it has access to computer power on that server so why not make that work for you?

Systems can be the obvious things like e-commerce solutions to sell your products and services and take payment automatically but there’s much more that can be done. Booking systems that take appointments and deposits, lead generation systems to collect enquiries and provide information automatically, invoicing systems and integration solutions to keep things like accountancy software upto date with sales or just to synchronise contacts and appointments.

This website has allsorts happening in the background- the e-commerce in the shop, lead generation from the newsletter, backend sync to our accounts and even a customer area allowing us to liase privately with customers about their order; all without leaving the website.


We don’t mass produce websites like a Clone Army

Unlike those pesky amateurs who discovered you can buy website templates, we design everything specific to you and your brand. We don’t search the internet and try and find a ‘best fit’ to for your brand, we design from the bottom up to incorporate everything about your business’s brand that’s important.

This site is a good example, notice how the colours throughout the site are very bright? How the fonts match the logo and everything is very different from other websites in the industry? Now look at our logo, look at the fonts, the name, the colours- notice how everything then comes together seemlessly throughout the website, even this page explains Web Design using characters from Star Wars to fit in with everything else lol. This is design, this is brand continuity, this is creativity and you can’t buy a template for that.

Is it really worth devaluing your brand by turning to an amateur?

Support and

web design training

We’ll make you a Jedi in no time

The whole driving force behind modern websites is that you can manage day to day things yourself. Things like editing some content, creating a page or 2 can all be done by anyone, even with little or no IT experience. Fair enough, it’s easy but without being shown how to do things correctly you’ll not get very far. That’s why we provide one to one training with every site owner to get them upto speed on the basics allowing them to begin managing their site immediately.

On top of the training we then provide you with support to continue that training further. Perhaps you want to do something a little more advanced? Not a problem, it’s just an email away. We already manage all the technical side of things because our hosting is fully managed (updates, site speed, email accounts, optimisations, new technology adoption etc) for you meaning you shouldn’t ever have any technical issues. By doing all of the more complicated, technical stuff for you this leaves you free to focus on the important things to your business.

Got Some Questions?

We don’t want anyone visiting us to feel overwhelmed by anything and we know first hand just how overwhelming and confusing things can initially be (we got married as well). Below are some things to try and help you out- videos on Print Types and Paper Types along with  a big blog section (we’re currently working on it) with tips & tricks to help you but if you’re stuck and can’t find an answer to what you need please just get straight in touch, we always want to hear your stories and make new friends.

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Print Types

We know all the different print types are confusing so we’ve made this page and video to show the differences. Click below to find out more on Paper Sizes and Fold Types all made as interesting as possible.

Paper Types

If print types weren’t confusing enough, you then have paper types. Hopefully this page and video will help you to understand how much the paper affects the design. All done with a little more help from N3-R6.

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Help & Advice

Starting to plan and feeling overwhelmed? Here’s a collection of things we learned first hand and also other things people have shared with us. The idea is it to help you out with inspiration, time savers all with some fun.

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How We Work

Because everything we do is bespoke and totally unique our sales process is a little different but it’s simple and it’s all explained here. Don’t worry, it focuses on us hearing YOUR story, YOUR ideas and YOUR loves.

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