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Getting Married?

First of all, a huge congratulations from us! Time to start on the Wedding Stationery? Here at Mrs Nerd’s we pride ourselves on going that extra distance for all of our Customers and that includes giving you any tips and tricks we learned when we got married ourselves. The best way is always to get straight in touch with us either via email or a quick message to our Facebook page. That way we can find out exactly what you’re planning and then offer you a ton of suggestions and advice on how to get the perfect look you have in mind.

Nothing we do is off the shelf

When we got married it was a very steep learning curve finding out what was needed but most importantly, what could be done. We’re unique and do things differently (most probably like you) and we couldn’t find any company who do the things we wanted. As a result, Mr Nerd got grumpy and decided to design everything himself from scratch so we could get the exact look we wanted. Not everyone is in a position to do this though, Mr Nerd is a design professional and has been for a long time – so we got the designs we wanted. In fact most of the designs you see on this website are from our own Wedding Day, we don’t share on any Customer’s designs until after they’re married and they’re happy for us to.

What you’re trying to do is totally unique

This is why the Wonder Emporium exists, we want to provide the things we had trouble finding to everyone. Nothing we do is off the shelf, every design is done from the ground up to match you, your day and your theme. What you’re trying to do is totally unique, all of your stationery has to match that.

The Wow Factor

Everything we do is a one off and unique to you and your day. That’s why you won’t see a catalogue of ‘off the shelf’ stationery anywhere.

Wedding Stationery Durham

Say it Loud

It’s your day, say it loud and proud with stationery unique to you and your Theme- we can incorporate everything you love about it.

Wedding Invites Consett


Your stationery has to raise the roof just like the Day you have planned. Our job is to get everyone as excited as you are about your Day. 

Wedding Invites Durham


We love themes no matter how big, small or quirky. The better the idea you have the more we have to work with and the more unique and amazing everything will be.

the Dates

Very popular nowadays, Save the Dates are the first step in everything and kind of a pre invite invite if that’s makes any sense? We always advise to use an unfolded style to cut down on costs because your actual invites are more important to spend your budget on. 

try our 1 of a kind animated save the dates

We also have our, 1 of a kind, Animated Save the Dates to be used on Social Media- they cut down on costs, energy and time as a result. Most importantly though, they look absolutely awesome.

A Save the Date is a bit like the back of the book, if you’re sending them and they aren’t awesome people won’t want to read your book but if you send them and they’re amazing then people will be queuing up to read the next chapter.

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The 1 thing that’s going to set the scene for your Wedding more than anything else and we have a few options here to help you from simple unfolded invites to Gatefold and even our, now famous, Comic Book Invites.

your invites have to get everyone as excited as you are

These are just the types and styles, the actual design we create is completely unique to you and your day. You have to remember that your invite is going to set the scene for your whole Wedding Theme. Have a rather dull invite with some glitter, sparkles and a belly band and people will look and yawn.

Go for a design with your favourite characters, even a comic book or a Marauder’s Map from Harry Potter and people’s jaws will simply drop and they’ll then start grinning and then they’ll start messaging you telling you how excited they are.

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of Service

You’re all set and ready to walk down the aisle but does everyone else know what’s planned for the service? That’s where your Orders of Service come in. Depending on the person delivering the Service you can be very unique with your Orders of Service or just go very traditional. For most things a simple single fold print is enough with the addition of an insert if you have more things to add.

you don’t want them to be boring if people are keeping hold of them

The whole idea is that your Orders of Service match everything else we do for you and even if the person delivering the service likes things to only be traditional we can still factor any number of things in to make sure your theme shines through.

you want them to be unforgettable

Orders of Service are actually more important than people realise because many people like to keep them as memory or keepsake, you don’t want them to be boring if people are keeping hold of them- you want them to be unforgettable.

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Finishing off
The Venue

The serious stuff is done, you’re now married so it’s time to PARTAAAAY!

Your Wedding Venue is the stage for your Party but like any party you have to set the scene just right. You want people getting wowed at every step of the way from seeing the Table Plan, the Table Name and then their Place Name.

The difference between good and amazing is attention to detail

Some people think their just trivial things but they really aren’t. The difference between good and amazing is attention to detail, it’s the small things, it’s the personal touch.

it’s the small things, it’s the personal touch

The fact with our table place names we can personalise each and every one to an individual, why just have their name on? Have their nickname, their relationship to you or something else very personal that’ll make them go wow. Or try or laser engraved wood for Table Names (they look superb) or even a laser etched no peeking sign by your cake if it’s a reveal cake.

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Got Some Questions?

We don’t want anyone visiting us to feel overwhelmed by anything and we know first hand just how overwhelming and confusing things can initially be (we got married as well). Below are some things to try and help you out- videos on Print Types and Paper Types along with  a big blog section (we’re currently working on it) with tips & tricks to help you but if you’re stuck and can’t find an answer to what you need please just get straight in touch, we always want to hear your stories and make new friends.

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Print Types

We know all the different print types are confusing so we’ve made this page and video to show the differences. Click below to find out more on Paper Sizes and Fold Types all made as interesting as possible.

Paper Types

If print types weren’t confusing enough, you then have paper types. Hopefully this page and video will help you to understand how much the paper affects the design. All done with a little more help from N3-R6.

Wedding Stationer Durham

Help & Advice

Starting to plan and feeling overwhelmed? Here’s a collection of things we learned first hand and also other things people have shared with us. The idea is it to help you out with inspiration, time savers all with some fun.

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How We Work

Because everything we do is bespoke and totally unique our sales process is a little different but it’s simple and it’s all explained here. Don’t worry, it focuses on us hearing YOUR story, YOUR ideas and YOUR loves.

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We try to cover everything but obviously, we can’t, so here’s the quick way to get straight in touch with us. Tap the image or the floating messenger button and we’ll get straight back to you to find out a little more.